Dare to dream, work to achieve

Medsci work experience is our aim to offer hands - on laboratory experience for students who wish to take up medicine, Dentistry or Biomedicine as their career.

Key features of Medsci work experience

  • These hands - on work experience will allow students to obtain an insight to what they will be doing throughout their career.
  • They would obtain "Certificate of Achievement"
  • These experiences are held in Universities premises with the UK
  • There are also other residential courses from one week to 4 weeks available within UK, Europe and India
  • Students can achieve this valuable experience and add on to their personal statement
  • They can add their hands - on courses in UCAS which would add on to their University selection criteria


For further details on what we have to offer for our Medsci work experience, please visit our website www.medsciworkexperience.co.uk or call us for further details.