Dare to dream, work to achieve

GCSE and IGCSE stands as the base to choosing a career and therefore it is crucial to get the right guidance and coaching to achieve higher grades.

Students would benefit from higher level of support in smaller classes.

At Medscience Tutorial Centre we offer intense one year courses which will cover entire syllabus in a year and therefore the student will be able to practice many past examnination papers. This therefore gives students high level of confidence and eliminate their examination fear

In our one year intense GCSE/IGCSE programmes we offer students to chose from 9 subjects, however most Universities expect students to have successfully completed 5 GCSE subjects.

We cover all examination boards in the UK such as AQA, OCR and Edexcel and offer range of subjects.

We have bespoke programmes to fit to students needs and to the best interest of student's success. We can offer students individual private tutorials or a group after - school sessions which are held between 4 to 8 pm.

Students can retake GCSE subjects while taking A- level studies just in case they have obtained lower grades. We can offer stimulating sessions with the students and offer them simultaneous A- level tutoring too. We are happy to offer advice about retake strategies.

Please note that the examinations and Practicals will be held in one of our known college in Oxford.