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At Medscience tutorial centre, we specialise in preparing students to enter medicine and biomedicine. We prepare students with specialists test preparations at our Oxford and Aylesbury centres.

The UKCAT/BMAT Preparation course is designed to prepare you for your UKCAT/BMAT examination. Each examination section will be approached individually with advice given on how to approach the types of problems most efficiently. There will be demonstrations on how to solve typical problems, with ample practice material.



Provisional Timetable:


10:00 Introduction to UKCAT/BMAT


10.15 Verbal Reasoning


11:00 Quantitative Reasoning


11.45 Abstract Reasoning


12:30 Lunch.


1.15 Decision Analysis


2.15 Mock Test


3:15 Solutions to Test, Questions and Answers


4:15 Interview techniques


4:45 Conclusions, preparation advice for UKCAT/BMAT


6:00 End