Dare to dream, work to achieve

At Medscience tutorial centre we offer concentrated and intense A - level and IB preparations for our students. To successfully pass the A-level and IB stands as a crucial step to admissions into Medicine, Dentistry or University to pursue a degree in Science. It is therefore crucial for students to have the right level of guidance and most importantly strategic preparations to examinations.

We offer range of programmes for students intending to complete their A- level and IB examinations:

AS and A - level first time programmes - Our courses can take up to three to six terms to complete depending on the students effort. We assure that our Lecturers would oversee the students progress and a monthly report will be sent to the parents to monitor progress. To successfully complete A - levels there are four subjects that need to be studied. Most of the students join in September and can take their courses over one to two years. A - level preparations are clear and strategic to obtain the best results. Our tutors are examiners and moderators of most of the examination boards and therefore know exactly what needs to covered and what is required by the examination boards.

AS and A level Retake programmes - These programmes are more bespoke to students needs and are highly concentrated to the topics that students have found challenging. Most of the students often fail or achieve lower grades due to the lack in understanding the questions at examinations. They often lack exam techniques. Our Lecturers are dominantly examiners and moderators and therefore can train students to answer questions in examinations with the use of the right key scientific words thus achieving grades more strategically.

AS and A level after school programmes - A - level is demanding and challenging, it is often that students lack to understand the concepts at school/college and therefore miss out on the core principles in science. This can cost them in achieving higher grades. Since critical thinking often is required to successfully achieve higher grades for A - level. We at medscience can offer students topic bursting sessions and clear their doubts. We can assure you that our team of tutors will get the best out from students by offering their wealth of experience. These sessions often take place from 4 pm to 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9 - 1 pm on Saturdays.

IB after school programmes - Most of the students studying for IB board are used to the hard work as IB examinations are one of the most challenging and highly demanding among all the pre- university level examinations. Students often need extra help apart from the normal teaching sessions at their college. The sessions we hold for IB are more work-sheets based and the students are constantly practicing more examination style questions to acheive higher grades.


Please note that our full - time students will have their practicals conducted in one of the colleges in Oxford and their examinations would also be held often in the same college.